"Henk Pander, the Pacific Northwest's elder statesman of figurative painting." -Sue Taylor, Art in America

Henk Pander in the Huffington Post, "With a Lifelong Artistic Career Henk Pander Continues to Impress"

"Henk Pander: Memory and Modern Life" by Roger Hull, Available at Amazon. Roger Hull’s 136 page monograph weaves a detailed history of Henk Pander’s life and work. The monograph was published in conjunction with the Hallie Ford Museum of Art’s 2011 exhibition, ‘Henk Pander: Memory and Modern Life’. Roger Hull on Henk Pander, Lecture at PNCA

PAINTED LIFE: A Film by Jacob Pander (excerpts) History, transformation, death and reverence, these are some of the themes explored in PAINTED LIFE, a cross-generational, cross-cultural portrait of Dutch immigrant artist Henk Pander. It is an intimate look at the process, mind and history of Henk as seen through the eyes and camera of his son, Jacob. Told in three parts, PAINTED LIFE follows the familial thread which links early 20th Century Netherlands to 21st Century America. PAINTED LIFE also provides an intense look at the artistic legacy of the Pander family in Holland, tapping into a universal story of the conflicts and bonds that influence and define fathers and sons.

New Paintings that Depict Vanport Flood by Fiona McCann for Portland Monthly

Henk Pander talks about new Vanport Watercolors on OBP State of Wonder

Henk Pander's Memories of Nazi-Occupation by Barry Johnson for Oregon Arts Watch

"Master Painter Henk Pander's Best Work is Yet to Come" by Caro on Hi-Fructose

Henk Pander in Spaceflight Insider, on working with NASA and the Galileo Project

Henk Pander on designing the stage set for the Jewish Theatre Collaborative's production of "A Pigeon And A Boy" in Portland, Oregon 2014.

Henk Pander on Oregon Art Beat Originally from Holland, painter Henk Pander found himself in Portland in the sixties. From images of cattle carcasses to the ruins of ground zero, Pander creates stunning, controversial and internationally renowned work about the passage of time and inevitable change. View Pander’s work and hear his story of sketching for the Portland Fire Department. He shares his thoughts on finding meaning in the subject matter he brings to his art.

Henk Pander's Artist Talk. Henk Pander discusses his recent watercolors on display at Laura Russo Gallery throughout February 2014.

Henk Pander Helps Reopen The Rijksmuseum: Oregon Arts Watch

Bob Hicks on Henk Pander, Oregon Arts Watch

Henk Pander at the Albany Museum of Art

Henk's Interview with Dutch national radio station, NPO Radio One:

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