Public Art

"Kilchis River, Tillamook Forest" Oil on Linen, 72" x 220", 2002 commission for the Tillamook State Forest Headquarters, Tillamook, Oregon

Henk Pander's career in public works dates back to his time in the Netherlands in the early 1960's, receiving public commissions to document the rebuilding of dike works and railroads in post-war Amsterdam. Since then he has worked on projects as wide ranging as official gubernatorial portraits for the Oregon State Capitol Foundation to ride alongs with Fire Departments in both Portland, Oregon and Los Angeles County, California.

Left; "Portrait of Governor Tom McCall" Oil on Linen 81" x 63", 1982 Right "Portrait of Governor John Kitzhaber" Oil on Linen 64" x 54", 2007, Oregon State Capitol Foundation

Pander has also done murals throughout the city of Portland over decades. One of the most impressive is at the Portland Center for Performing Arts and depicts scenes inspired by his time working in the Storefront Theatre and Portland Dance Company. The mural features hand-gilded details and the largest wall is rendered in anamorphic perspective. 

"Palmyra" Acrylic on Wall, 30' x 90', 1988; originally built as a cold-war era underground bomb shelter, this mural was painted within for a former city of Portland Emergency Call Center at Kelly Butte park. Only several years after this mural was completed the building was abandoned by the city. More recently, the City of Portland has routinely covered the entire building in mounds of dirt in effort to deter squatters and unfortunately ruining any chance of saving the mural below. 

"Something Happened on the Old Road" Oil on Linen, 72" x 96", 2007  public commission for the Los Angeles County Fire Department, Santa Clarita, California

"The Road" Oil on Linen, 80" x 142", 2006; public commission for the State of Oregon's Department of Safety Standards and Training in Salem, Oregon. This piece depicts first responders on a Central Oregon highway cleaning up after a traffic incident involving an 18-wheeler truck. Pander worked directly with first responders on ride alongs for several months as research, drawing inspiration from a real life event for this piece. 

"Portland Port" Oil on Linen, 76" x 228" 2000; commissioned piece for Port of Portland

Murals at Oregon State University, Memorial Student Union 1985

"Mont Faucon" Oil on Linen, 20' x 16' 1985

Oregon State University Collection

"Wecoma" Oil on Linen, 20' x 16' 1985

Oregon State University Collection

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